The Best Strange Attractions in Washington D.C.


Washington DC is home to some of the greatest museums and pieces of history. Yet, there are a few places in the city that many tourists tend to neglect during their visit. D.C. has some interesting hidden gems that many non-locals would not be able to find without someone telling them or after a quick Google Search. Here are a few secret attractions and places to see while looking for some offbeat fun in Washington DC.


5 – The DEA Museum

We usually think of the Smithsonian or the Air & Space Museum when taking a visit to the nation’s capital but there is a museum not so popular than the others. The DEA has a museum has everything related to their field. When you visit you learn first hand all about opium dens, the history of heroin in American culture, even what smoke shops were open in D.C. during the 1970s. You learn about the American government’s struggle with drugs throughout the decades.


4 – The TechniColor Church

Once you see this church, you will never forget it. On 700 Delaware Ave. SW, you will come across once a normal church but now a bold art piece by Atlanta artist, Alex “Hense” Brewer. The once-church is so eye catching you will have to stop and grab a quick photo of the building to share with friends.


3 – Hillwood Estate, Museum, and Gardens

The Hillwood Estate looks as though it would be directly out of a movie. The greenery and water on the property make it a haven for lily pads and small bridges. It is quite a relaxing area to visit. The garden was the home of Marjorie Merriweather Post, who was a socialite and collected art throughout her life.


2 – Lincoln’s Cottage

There is a lot of attention drawn to where Lincoln died (Ford’s Theater) but there is also another Lincoln landmark that people tend to forget about: his cottage! The cottage is where he created the Emancipation Proclamation and is actually a visually interesting building with dark green shutters all over the home. If you are looking for a piece of history not encompassed by tourists, the Lincoln cottage is a great place to start.


1 – O Street Mansion

On O Street in D.C., an over the top Victorian mansion has been renovated into a high-end hotel, private club, and museum. The decor is interestingly odd with hidden doors throughout the building that leads to secret passages.

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