How to Get Elected for Congress


The process of becoming elected to Congress is a not as simple as it may seem. Education, experience, and networking all play a part in holding a seat in the United States Congress. As a citizen, it is important to understand the process of how the individuals who determine the law of the country. Congress is the legislative branch of government and is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives.


The Start

The best place to begin your career in politics is to start with your education. Studying political science or law will get you the foundation for full comprehension of the function of government and the nature of creating laws. Education is important but volunteering is also just as crucial in growing your political skill set. A campaign is a massive project that requires the help of various supporters. Volunteering for a campaign will begin to “pull back the curtain” of what it takes to run a campaign while also learning how to find passion under candidate’s beliefs on policy.

Networking is another essential key to growing your support. Join a local party and become a member. This will not only will it give you a platform but it will also give you an environment to grow your political knowledge and network.


The Next Step

After you have put in the work to understand the basics of law and politics, ask yourself if taking the next step in running for public office is for you. It is not an easy job. You must make laws that benefit the greater good of society while also under the spotlight of the media. The second question is if other people will stand behind you and support you. You may think your ideas and experience are important but are they important to other Americans. Can you get financial support for your campaign? These are realistic and appropriate questions you should ask yourself before making the decision to run for any political position.

Once the decision has been made, it takes money. Financial support is one of the biggest factors for running a successful campaign. It is unfortunate yet true. It takes many large donations to get the momentum of a campaign moving. Once you have raised over $5,000, you are an official candidate and you must fill out the proper paperwork from the Federal Election Commission.


The Public

Everything you do or say now must be taken into context of how it will translate to the public. This is when you need a press professional who is well-versed in public relations. This will allow you to continue your campaign while having someone else manages what the press reports on regarding you.

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